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Fortin Home Watch Plus
25 Ridge Rd
Lyman, NH 03585

Fortin Home Watch Plus

We understand why you love New Hampshire, there is fun to be had regardless of the season. Hiking and skiing in the mountains or maybe you prefer fishing, kayaking and swimming our picturesque lakes and rivers.
Retail therapy on your mind? Meandering through our unique, local shops can be the ticket to the perfect home decor or that special gift.
Don't want to cook after a long day of shopping or enjoying the great outdoors? You can take advantage of a wide variety of dining opportunities. Whether you're in the mood for fine dining or casual fare, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes.

Then the time comes to head back to the city.  You look back at your slice of heaven with sadness at having to leave so soon and also a bit of anxiety, you can't help but wonder if you've forgotten something.  Are all the widows and doors closed and locked? Are the curling iron and hair dryer unplugged? So many things to think about.
Don't you wish you could feel confident that your home is being cared for in your absence? That you had a trustworthy partner helping you to watch after your retreat? Helping you to manage the routine maintenance and upkeep that all homes require? You'd feel so much better knowing you don't have to worry about what might have been forgottten!

In northern New Hampshire the possibility of a house freezing up is very real. If it happens to you the consequences can be life changing.
In addition to the damage to your home you will be faced with the likelihood of dealing with mold, and ridding a home of mold is not an easy fix.
Then there is the loss of irreplaceable family treasures. Whether it is furnishings passed down through generations or family photos, some things are more than just “things”!
When you partner with us you gain peace of mind with the knowledge that we’re here when you can’t be.
We will be sure to check in when there is an extended period of extreme cold or when torrential rains have created flood dangers.
We will be here to watch over your retreat and ensure you don’t come home to an unpleasant surprise.

Our service can also be the perfect complement to your existing alarm system. Our periodic whole house checks are a virtual guarantee that you won’t get a low temperature call because the fuel tank is empty.
While the alarm keeps you safe from intruders, power outages and low temperature situations, we keep you covered through whole house inspections. Leaking chimney flashing, below normal fuel levels or heating systems that don’t come back on line after a power outage are all situations that are best caught before the alarm sounds!

Contact us at 603-838-6586 or FHWPLUS@GMAIL.COM for more information on how we can help you manage and maintain your getaway. All estimates are free of charge.

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